The American Health Journal
i-Lipo was featured on The American Health Journal on PBS, in a segment titled “Cellulite Reduction with i-Lipo”. Dr. Jon Perlman of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery thoroughly explained the fat reduction process of i-Lipo, stating:

“i-Lipo is short for intelligent lipo, and it’s based on a low power, diode laser that’s been shown at very low power levels, to open up the pores in the fat cells to allow the triglycerides to come out as free fatty acids, evacuating the fat cells. So the cell collapses, the body has the ability to metabolize that fat, and it’s a method of directed body sculpting. We can decrease the circumference of an area where there’s extra fat padding beneath the skin.” [read more]

KENS 5 San Antonio
i-Lipo was featured on KENS 5 San Antonio in San Antonio, TX, in a segment titled “Lunch Time Procedure” featuring Megan Coleman, owner of Alterna Clinic in the United States. The segment focused on i-Lipo’s 20-30 minute convenience, and safe, pain free treatment process.

Ms. Coleman explained the i-Lipo system, and shared that most of her patients focus on their abdominal region. The patient shared that she felt no pain of discomfort while getting i-Lipo on her stomach. According to the anchor “the treatment feels like a relaxing massage.” [read more]

Independent Lipo advisory website gives i-Lipo the thumbs up!
Independent website lipoadvisor.com reviewed i-Lipo as a suitable alternative to liposuction. Click Here to view their full article which includes a simple explanation of the procedure,  the benefits of i-Lipo, cost, side effects and results.